Support Grids for Downflow or Upflow Systems

Support Grids are made with wedge wire screens. Pre-profile shaped wires are resistance welded on Support Rods at an interval spacing giving a robust and steady screen construction. This provides a continuous slot opening and a two-point contact of media particles on the screen surface. As a result, plugging is effectively eliminated. The continuous slot opening maximizes effective flow area.

Custom built and designed for high operating pressures, elevated temperatures, and bed loads.

Support Grids are made in sections for assembly
inside reactors.

Widely used in:

• Hydrotreaters
• Desulphurisers,
• Molecular sieves,
• Adsorbent vessels,
• Sandfilters
• Gas treating units.

Standard Construction Material

• Stainless Steel 304, 316, 321
• Alloy 400





Inlet Distributor & Outlet Collector


media catalyst bed migration to downstream piping and equipment.


even flow distribution in the bottom bed to maximize catalyst or media utilization.

custom built:

to suit design loads and operating temperatures and allowable dP. in one piece or segmented or sectional construction for manway accessibility. in Stainless Steel 304, 316 or 321 grades