Sight Glass

Safety Sight and Level Gauge Glasses Special-Tempered

NEWWIN’s expertise and technical know-how helps to make an efficient and cost effective customized Mist Elimination device for any specific application or requirement.


Three key product lines capable of meeting the largest part of the gas/liquid separation needs of most industries:

  • Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator
  • Vane-Type Mist Eliminator
  • Fiber-Bed Mist Eliminator


for the purpose of removing of mist and entrained liquid droplets from any gas/vapor stream.

We match the best Mist Elimination Separation Technology to the specific application to improving process streams. Deceptively simple in design,construction and operation, gas/liquid separation devices are playing an increasingly important role in helping a broad variety of key industries reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce unwanted emissions.

image Sight Glass

View Glass Assembly

with BSP/NPT Threaded Connection
image Sight Glass

Level Gauge Glass Assembly

with Transparent and Reflex Glass Flange or Welded Connection
image Sight Glass

View Glass Assembly

for Welding to Vessels/Tank
image Sight Glass

Sight Flow Glass Assembly

with Round Disc Glass
Long Form Level Gauge and Round Disc Glass for Replacement

Maxos® Special Tempered Borosilicate Safety Sight Glass - Clear

Highly resistant to chemical stresses and temperature. With maximum resistance to pressure. Available in long form or round disc glasses maximum permissible temperature up to 300/320°C. Available from our inventory stock.


Annealed Borosilicate – Clear

Good for normal service where one surface is heated to a maximum temperature of 446°F (230°C), using ¼” or thicker glass. The temperature difference between ambient and process should not exceed 150°F (65°C).


Cobalt Blue Furnace – Blue

Used to reduce glare when observing flame, smoke, and ash intensity in power plants and marine boilers. Thickness to ¼”.


Vycor  - Clear

Can be used continuously at 1652°F (900°C). The temperature difference between ambient and process surfaces should not exceed 600°F (315°C). Thickness up to ½” Excellent optical properties.


Fused Quartz – Clear

For industrial and laboratory applications. Can be used continuously at 1742°F (950°C). Commercial Grade is standard Optical Grade is available.